CES 2010: ioSafe Solo NAS under the bulldozer tracks

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In Las Vegas, everyone has always done too . The presentation of the ioSafe NAS was the same.
ioSafe Solo NAS protects the disc from fire, fluid, and pressure. The SSD version of the storage has even more incredible protection.

The SSD version of ioSafe Solo withstands falls from six meters, immersion in dirty and salted water for 30 days, to a depth of nine meters.

The site was specially prepared for the test:

Data was loaded into ioSafe ...

And the NAS itself was set on fire. The temperature on the surface of the device reached 800 degrees Celsius.

To increase the effect on a steaming NAS'e they fried an unprotected HDD.

Now the dirty bulldozer bucket was filled with water, and Solo was drowned.

Then, the bulldozer waved as it should and threw the device higher

No comment.

And finally, we removed the disk from the device and read the unspoiled data.

Translation from bit-tech

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