Literary hashtag # lit140

    After reporting on Twitter .

    The famous podcast rosnovsky created an entry on his blog and wrote a tweet in which he called for retelling literary works on Twitter in 132 characters, taking into account the hashtag # lit140 . What caused the explosive growth in popularity of the new hashtag. Some users were at a loss what kind of movement swept the Russian twitter. For a day, the tag turned out to be the first in the rating of Russian hashtags overtaking such tags as #sledui and #ru_ff.

    At the time of writing, the article tweets with the tag # lit140 was already 592 and their number continued to increase. The results of creativity can be read live or favorites in LiveJournal.

    A quote from a report on NTV

    In the West, it is already universally accepted that Twitter is changing the language itself, and even the way of thinking. Laughing at his penchant for simplification and reduction, they even adapted famous literary works. For example, the "Ulysses" by D. Joyce fits in 140 characters: A man wanders around Dublin. We learn about every little thing in his daily routine. Perhaps he writes too much on Twitter.

    If this goes on in Russia, then soon volumes of War and Peace will not be needed. For example: "A large family survives the war with Napoleon, everyone falls in love, cheats, some die, everything ends well." Why, why, in the Twitter era, all these unnecessary details?

    There is no doubt - in the new year, Twitter will continue its victorious march across Russia both as a way to chat and as a mass media, including the official one. After all, even the country's main blogger got himself this microblogging. As Odnoklassniki once had, Twitter’s fame spreads from mouth to mouth.


    It is interesting that the Portuguese blogger agranado was the first to use the # lit140 tag, writing in Russian “The Great Book begins with less than 140 # lit140 characters”, but his idea was not supported by the masses of Twitter users in Portugal.

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