Google buys DocVerse

    Almost a year ago, we reported on the appearance of an interesting startup DocVerse , founded by former Microsoft employees.

    “DocVerse has released a small 1 MB plug-in for Office 2007, giving this monster new functionality, including the missing features from Google Docs, that is, the ability to simultaneously edit files over the Internet.

    The result was, as the founders of the startup say, the simplest and most effective tool for collaborative editing of documents. Analysts remind that similar add-ons for MS Office are already on the market, including Microsoft doing something similar in the Office Live Workspace service. However, the founders of DocVerse claim that their development is much better than all existing ones. Well, wait and see. ”

    Yesterday it became known that a buyer was found for DocVerse . Guess who.

    Of course, this is Google, for which the development of office applications is a loss-making, but fundamentally important business that undermines the well-being of the main competitor (Microsoft does the same in the search engine market).

    The purchase of DocVerse suggests that Google is seriously considering expanding the functionality of its online office applications Google Docs towards user support for Microsoft Office. Apparently, a real “office war” awaits us.

    The transaction value was about $ 25 million.

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