Firefox 3.6 Beta 5 Available For Download

    This update contains more than a hundred bug fixes compared to the previous beta. 70% of add-ons have announced support for Firefox 3.6, but if your favorite add-on is still updated, you should install Add-on Compatibility Reporter , which should speed up the solution to your problem.

    New features:
    * Support for HTML5 File API
    * Changed the way to integrate third-party software with Firefox to increase stability.
    * Ability to run scripts asynchronously , speed up page loading time.
    * Users can now change the appearance of their browser with one click, with built-in support for Personas .
    * Firefox 3.6 will bewarn users about obsolete plugins to increase security.
    * Theora-video, now can be displayed in full screen , and also supports poster frames .
    * Support for WOFF font .
    * Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness and launch time.
    * Support for new CSS, DOM and HTML5.

    Also, it became known that almost all the components of the Electrolysis project were added to the experimental development branch. You can already download a special test build of Firefox. And in about: config, changing the value of the variable dom.ipc.plugins.enabled to true, activate Electrolysis.
    Link to Firefox 3.6 Beta 5

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