Spring 3.0 Open Java Framework Release

    The SpringSource team, recently integrated into VMWare, has released the first release of a new branch of the popular Spring 3.0 Java framework, which acts as a free alternative to Enterprise JavaBeans. Spring sources are available under the Apache 2.0 license. At the same time, the SpringSource Tool Suite update is now available, which now supports all the new Spring 3.0 functionality.

    The main innovations of Spring 3.0:
    • Full optimization for Java 5: the first generation of Spring, requiring Java 5 or higher, Java 5 syntax is used everywhere in the Spring API and in all implementation code;
    • New SpEL expression language: Spring expression language parser for use in bean definitions;
    • Enhanced support for annotation-based components: key features of the Spring JavaConfig project are now available in Spring itself;
    • Powerful model of stereotypes: creating “short” annotations through the use of meta-annotations;
    • Standardized annotations with dependency injection: presence of initial support for the not yet fully prepared JSR-330 standard for dependency injection in Java;
    • A declarative validation model based on restrictive annotations;
    • Expanded support for middleware and formatting tools;
    • Global support for REST architectural style;
    • Direct mapping object / XML (OXM);
    • Full support for Portlet 2.0;
    • Absolutely new planning possibilities: new trigger mechanisms and TaskScheduler with first-class cron support;
    • Support for Java EE 6.

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