Stupid children, or a wrong picture of the world

    Early winter. Topics about studying and, strangely enough, children, became more than 9000 . And somehow once in one sitting I read this and this , I even got to these topics . A sublimate of the point of view of the majority of commentators fell into the brain: “I am twenty years old. Talked with the children. Where is the world heading ... ”

    Khabragospoda, why do you make a humiliating assessment of an entire generation on the basis of even a long but unsuccessful experience of communicating with a few representatives of it?

    A short list of problems that worry about the future of the nation, because of which successful contact with the colors of life did not take place. Subjective look at the obvious

    Time : School students do not like school students to a greater or lesser extent. Well, I do not want to sit on algebra - but it is necessary. Hmm, well, since it’s so boring, I’ll mess with paper from the body from a ballpoint pen. Solving specific problems is more interesting to me than abstract ones.

    Two : Children come to classes from home and return there. If Google finds 1150000 pages for the query “can I shout at children”, maybe it's not about children?

    Three : Children are not representatives of another species. They have a small body and so far there is no cliched view of many phenomena and processes. Does it come to your mind to talk with an unfamiliar adult? Ask him, “Have you forgotten your head at home?” Why the language spoken to children is strikingly different from Russian - I don’t know.

    Four, fellow teachers of computer science: Schoolchildren probably got to know a computer earlier than with you. And therefore, they are unlikely to want to learn data compression algorithms if they consider that a computer is a machine for VKontakte. I’ll draw an analogy: a child loves football more than anything, and a physical education teacher tries to explain to him how interesting it is to dance with a ball. In addition, the physical education teacher sincerely believes that football is a stupid and meaningless sport. I would not believe this person.

    Five: A teacher of the same computer science interacts with a single class forty-five minutes and a half hours a week. These are not his daughters and sons. He does not have time to get to know his children closely. Therefore, the idea “Children are stupid and they have no incentive to fix it” becomes the opinion of the overwhelming majority; dissenters are not respected (there was a link to the ragged comment, hello, futuroshock !)

    All of the above in no way contributes to the motivation of a person to learn. Ten years ago and earlier, the current education system was more or less effective. But a thriving consumer society has given schoolchildren mobile phones, computer games, and social networks. The choice - multimedia or "the old fashioned way", with Cossack robbers and respect for teachers - is obvious to children.

    And now, you will not believe:

    A real-life model of a society of adult children, which proves that everything is not so bad

    For four years (yes, from sixteen) in the summer I have been working as a counselor in children's health camps. I bow my head to the gray-haired readers: I myself am still a child, I have little experience, the value system is different from the correct one, and the syllable is clumsy. I’m a counselor so-so: my children periodically smoked, fought, ran away from the territory and behaved disgustingly. But for some reason they refused to bathe and wallow in order to rehearse in reality an optional dance and fool around before the entire camp for a letter printed on the printer.

    It’s difficult to motivate children, and it doesn’t work out well for me. But the situation works for the counselor. Children come to the camp from different cities. Some are from a neighboring village, they know "where to get it" and which of the "local" can besiege an upstart counselor who "builds a lot of himself." Others are Muscovites with relevant requests, who are waiting for a "real party", but as a result, at an evening disco, 80% of village children with the same ideas about disco. Still others are Chukchi in general, and I'm not joking: my friend had a detachment in which children from Chukotka saw the sea for the first time, did not give a damn about the request “not to dive” and - oil painting: children are swimming around the beach like children, and on the square 4 * 4 meters from the water stick out the legs and heads of adolescents with faces of nerds who have lost their virginity.

    So, the situation works for the counselor. In most cases, children do not have close friends and relatives. Nobody knows anything about them. They have not settled down yet. And in the new environment, they can try to be realized in a way that it doesn’t work out at home, where every dog ​​knows: this one is a nerd, this one is neither fish nor meat, this one is an insane juvenile delinquent, and the environment does not allow one step back from the usual role of the environment . Naturally, there are factors that work in the opposite direction: according to the authors of the Wikipedia article about rest, "... rest will include such stages: fatigue, relaxation, restoration of strength, entertainment." Children go to the camp, again, swim, sunbathe, eat, sleep, and not make costumes from plastic bottles, draw posters and spend hours learning the words of a fairy tale for an evening event. But in order to get the children what you want - you need to explain why you need it, and be honest with them in everyday communication (without adult impersonation and / or substitution of concepts). Well, the submission is up to you.

    What are you doing - go ahead, I know a cool game, put together a squad, I'll tell you the rules.

    Yes, I have one thing to do, I can only entrust it to you. Will you do it exactly? I can trust you?

    Guys, I know one psychological training, but you probably won't like it. Yes, and it’s complicated. I’ll just leave the printed rules for you here; if you want, do it yourself.

    Of course, I'm wildly sorry

    Education and relaxation are two different things, and I understand that the conditions of a hostel, a common dining room and a 24-hour society like them require a different behavior model from adolescents. But it infuriates me that children can be considered bad and dumb . Children are good! Not some specific, but all! I had kids in the squads, for whom I am an adult uncle, and sixteen-year-old foreheads are taller and wider than me. There were children from Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Grozny. Everyone, in one way or another, in one way or another, and on one or another day of the shift, revealed himself and made him remembered.

    Children do not want to learn - a problem, but the problem is not in them. This is to blame for their parents, the company, the authors of the curriculum. Children behave disgustingly - horribly, but try to make sure that they were not up to it. How? I do not know. I do not educate children, but try to organize them a successful and memorable summer vacation. And I get it at the very least. Because they understand that from the world in which they can be themselves, they have to return to the school-work-pension-filled sequence of events filled with complexes and responsibilities. Well, of course, everything is not so tragic, but any children cry at the end of any shift.

    Total: the world does not roll into the abyss. At least the one in which I live.

    UPD : I lived a few more years, re-read the post and decided to explain a little what exactly I meant in some cases.

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