Make fonts beautiful in KDE 4

    By default, in my distribution (OpenSuse 11.2), fonts in KDE 4 looked really bad. Honestly, I was even a little bit offended when one makovod came up and said: "Linux, Linux, even normal fonts can’t do it."
    However, the situation can be very easily remedied. In the end, everything will look like this .

    So what do we need? In fact, there is no magic here. To do this, you need only one set of fonts - Droid Fonts. You can download it either as a droid-fonts package, or on the official website . If you used the second method, then you will need to install the fonts. You can do this by installing fonts in the KDE settings.
    The Droid Fonts set was developed by Ascender Corporation specifically for Google Android.

    Well now we have the fonts installed, let's configure them. Go to the font settings in KDE and set the fonts. I did this for myself :
    • General - Droid Sans 10;
    • Fixed Width - Droid Sans Mono 10;
    • Small - Droid Sans 8;
    • Toolbar - Droid Sans 8 (Bold);
    • Menu - Droid Sans 10;
    • Window Title - Droid Sans 10 (Bold);
    • Taskbar - Droid Sans 10;
    • Desktop - Droid Sans 10.

    Now you need to configure anti-aliasing. First, enable anti-aliasing, for this we set the value to Enabled. Now configure it, click the “configure” button and set the smoothing parameters. Turn on sub-pixel rendering if you have an LCD monitor. Hinting style myself I made full. When experimenting with  these settings , find the best performance for your monitor and eyes (and taste).

    That's all. Everything is very easy. Also, set everything in that font settings window to Force Font DPI to 96 DPI. This will avoid different font rendering in different applications.
    It felt like working really nicer.
    Good luck to you.
    And don't forget - Have a lot of fun!

    PS After the setup, the same poppy driver said that now everything is very good. For those interested, the color scheme is Norway, the style is Oxygen, the window decoration is Bespin.

    PPS In order not to waste time in vain, attach in the comments links to your screenshots with KDE and tell how you did it.

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