How to make the waiter notice you and not become his enemy at the same time


    I don’t know about you, but in all catering establishments where some customer service is supposed to be in the hall, I always lacked the call button - calling the waiter on the table.

    I always wondered why they never exist anywhere — but one acquaintance who had recently served as waiters explained that in this case the staff, which is usually lacking, would have knocked down at all, rushing impatiently from table to table on demand sobering visitors.

    The “design” solution came instantly: already in most establishments the waiters have something like a PDA, where they enter the order data - and so, it’s enough to simply give one sound or vibration signal to the device after a call, and when you press the button again from one little table with a blinking icon with its number, for example. I give the idea to all fairly progressive owners of cafes and restaurants - just do not forget to indicate copyright =)

    And what ideas or intellectual and technical ways to improve the service sector do you have? Who can’t sleep - let's think about it together.

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