ICQ of the ideal world

    My manner of communicating with my friends over ICQ sometimes resembles a conversation from a joke about comedians telling each other instead of stories their serial numbers. Only we use links instead of numbers. Sometimes in a row I go to dozens of links: a picture in response to a post, a video in response to a picture, again posts, pictures, videos, music, etc. - All this eventually turns into a connected dialogue, but sometimes it can be difficult to conduct it.

    The main nuisance is the need to constantly switch from the messenger window to the browser, wait for the files to load, and return back. Well, to find out where it was, scrolling through history, it is also difficult.

    In general, I’ll finally tell you what I came up with, the essence is this: an ICQ type messenger that allows you to send not only text, but also pictures and even video to the message box. Moreover, to send multimedia, the user does not need to do any additional gestures, just send the link, as usual - the messenger will recognize the file format and present it to the addressee in the appropriate form - like a picture, video, audio player or page preview if a link to the site is sent.

    And of course, such a messenger should have a download function - did you like the music? I clicked on the icon, and it downloaded - through the default browser or any other downloader.

    And if you add the ability to connect an arbitrary number of interlocutors from the contact list to the dialogue, turning the messenger into a desktop analogue of the chat, then such a messenger could compete with all existing browsers - since most of them do not need more than I listed. The advantage of this method of transmitting information is that you can send multimedia and only multimedia to the interlocutor, eliminating the need to perceive at the same time a bunch of visual noise, advertising and other things that usually surround the object of our interest on sites. Why do we need all this if we came just to see one photo? I want this game for a year.

    The point is small: it remains only to understand why no one has yet implemented such a cool thing? Is it possible that modern technology does not allow to implement such a simple desktop application? Indeed, in fact, it will be just a reduced and truncated browser - lightweight, minimalistic, convenient. People versed in technologies for creating desktop applications, tell me - when will this happiness come?

    PS People, put the pros who are not breaking! They fasted the post, but now there are a lot of comments in it - and stupidly sorry to put it into drafts.

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