Alarm Grenade

    Alarms and how to use them on Habrahabr have been discussed more than once. General concept of alarms and waking up. Runaway alarm clock . Service in the form of cushions and the like . And here's another fun thing. For aggressive sleepyheads. Grenade Alarm Clock .

    The idea is not new. The awakening grenade could be bought back in 2005. But progress does not stand still (and the one indicated by the link and not the alarm clock as a whole, but a cracker), and the grenades are already in the wrong system. This one has at least a display. A display, a PVC case and a sensor that responds to shock and disables the alarm. Blow preferably against the wall. On the body of the "grenade" for the especially dull, it is written: off the wall.

    The fact that when throwing a “grenade” the case will not be damaged is understandable. But here’s what will happen to the display after a couple of awakenings ... Suddenly, the corner fades. After all, breaking $ 23 against a wall is, of course, a pleasure. But the alarm should work, and not wallow broken in the trash can.

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