Unofficial "release" CentOS 5.6

    CentOS 5.6
    Before the 6th release, the 5th Centos branch was updated, to version 5.6
    Bugs were fixed, support for new equipment, the PHP 5.3 and BIND 9.7 packages were updated.
    CentOS 5.6 release information: Release Notes
    You can update without any headaches through standard repositories.
    Developers are asked to refrain from updating the working systems of the previous version during the week, since so far not all the worlds have been updated. The official release will be with the update of all the worlds. Red Hat
    RHEL 5.6 Release Information .
    Technical release notes for Red Hat 5.6 .

    Pokazhiem disk images are available on torrents and some Mirror. There has not yet been an official announcement. Expect to deal with this until Monday.
    Links to torrents:
    DVD i386:
    CD i386:
    DVD x86_64:
    CD x86_64: / h1snle

    And also arguing with statistics that 18% of CentOS users are still sitting on the 4th branch of the OS, on March 3rd the latter was updated to version 4.9. Release info
    Download links:
    http: //isoredirect.centos .org / centos / 4.9 / isos / x86_64 /
    Just do not be surprised, the name of the images was not renamed and still carry version number 4.8.

    CentOS 6 is promised to be available two or three weeks after the release of 5.6.
    What can be expected in the CentOS 6th branch: RHEL6 Release Notes
    Also, the first beta of RHEL 6.1: Release Notes
    has not been heard about the CentOS 6.1 release yet.
    Official CentOS Twitter:!/CentOS

    UPD .: List of packages with versions: CentOS
    UPD2 .: Official Release!

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