Personal finance and security

    After reading the topic Home Accounting, or know where your money is going , I decided to put in order the family finances that are currently being carried out “in my head”.

    The first question was whether it would be offline software or an online system. Since it is supposed to carry out expenses together, and on different computers (and sometimes from working computers), online systems win by a huge margin ...

    The choice of service was also short-lived, because I was already registered at Drebedengi and even somehow began to use them.

    I discussed with my wife that we will keep records, save and save up for “selling dreams”. She agreed with everything until she found out that it was an online service. Then she began to say that it was all unsafe, that “if something happened”, the cybercriminals could find out how much money we had and that it was not unimportant whether they were in cash at home or in bank accounts.

    The reason was that a couple of months ago I was "taken away" by a Gmail mailbox and a six-character mailbox, which had this mailbox as primary. I returned the box and number (thanks to Google), but the "sediment remained" :)

    And then I thought, how safe is it to store such information? How many of you, dear Habrausers, keep records of finances, or store other important personal information on the network? How safe is it?

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