Mindmaps on Google Wave

    Since not very long ago, I use notes not only to collect interesting links and pieces of text, but also in work. At first it was just a piece of paper on which I wrote, drew, in general, did everything so that when I came to work on Monday or switched from another task, I did not need to painfully remember how I wanted to implement it or to immerse myself in this task that was not yet completed go through all over again, and just look at your notes and remember everything. Once, from using paper, I went over to Mindmaps. Despite the fact that there are some more sophisticated XMind, Freemind, and others, for some reason Semantik liked drawing such diagrams. Having lost the pleasure of drawing on paper, I gained advantages in the form of a unified approach, mobility, and possibly even convenience. Here it was possible to store links and information blocks conveniently and conveniently without losing accessibility. Having received an invite on Wave, I began to think how it would be useful to use it, and here one of my colleagues drew attention toa gadget that allows you to add charts to the waves. I designed the current task in a wave: there is a link to the task in the bugtracker, some information, and a map with subtasks, notes and questions. Today, when I came to work, I opened a wave instead of semantics, I hope my manager and colleagues will learn how to use this thing and the thing itself will become more functional and convenient.

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