baby ... talk to me!


    The best way to type text on your phone is to say it.

    Since last week, the new project is available in closed testing , which allows using a small application and a large server part to create voice messages short text messages on your phone for SMS, E-mail, reminders, notes on Twitter, Evernote or just quick notes.

    The point is very simple. You download and install the application on your phone (versions for iPhone , Symbian are now available , and Windows phone is on the way), record voice messages, the phone transfers the whole thing to the server, the speech is converted to text and sent to wherever you want .

    What could be more natural than saying the text of an SMS message, email or post on Twitter? Pliq is the new communication interface on your phone. You just speak, speak and speak again, and your words converted into text are scattered to the addressees.

    For testing, there are about 100 invites for Symbian and 50 for iPhone. If you are interested in participating, then write in a personal. For those who are happy owners of the iPhone, please send your UDID (you can find it by clicking on the serial number of the phone in iTunes on the main section of the iPhone, in UDID 40 characters).

    Now the system is able to convert speech to text for Russian, English and German. In the near future, access to testing of Italian, Spanish and French will be open.

    Instructions for use can be downloaded here , but at the same time, and view the FAQ - they are, however, in English, but a loyal friend of Google Translate will help us =)

    Thank you in advance for any comments and error messages about the service.

    UPD: the application on the iPhone will be sent personally by mail, after receiving the UDID. Please provide your contact email.

    UPDD: iPhone distribution is over - full house, Symbian is still in the game =)

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