Workshop "Secrets of client optimization" - as it was

    Yesterday I went to a master class by Ilya Kantor ( ). In short, I liked it. Under the cut a little more.

    What surprised me most was how few people came - only 7-8 people. Although with the current popularity of javascript, the theme should be more than in demand.
    The event lasted about four hours with two breaks. During this time, Ilya told and showed:
    • how javascript “compression” works, what tools, pluses and minuses there are, problems when using it, how to write well “compressible” code;
    • bottlenecks in javascript how to get around this rake;
    • how to automate work with sprites;
    • How effective is browser caching?
    • how to increase the efficiency of loading the site due to the parallel loading of scripts;

    And for starters I showed the script assembly system used by dojo. True, in contrast to the rest of the above tricks, I never came up with how this thing can be attached to real tasks :-)

    Ilya spoke in an accessible way, with examples. Although, perhaps, for completely novice developers, the problems discussed could not be very clear. He gave ready-made solutions that can be put into action with minimal “tuning”.

    It is clear that Ilya did not discover any secrets and secrets. Of course, all this information can be found on the Internet. But when a practitioner talks, in a structured way, with examples and, importantly, answering questions, it’s a little different. I am very pleased that I went - I spent time really.

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