Beltelecom. Comedy in three acts

    Beltelecom. Tragicomedy in three acts.

    Beltelecom (B)
    Provider (Pr)
    Buyer (P)

    Explanation of technical terms:
    1. Bicycle - fixed wired connection, ordinary landline phone (disk).
    2. Rickshaw - Internet through a 56k modem.
    3. Stroller - Payment for using the telephone line
    4. Disabled persons - Rural residents and other low-income groups
    4a. - Cross-subsidization
    5. Orphans - Beltelecom employees and Officials
    6. Rickshaw with a motor - dedicated line isdn 64 kbps
    7. Car - ADSL connection
    7a. VAZ - ADSL at a speed of 32-64 kbps
    7b. Ford - ADSL at a speed of 256 - 1024 kbps
    8. Aviation - Mobile operators (GSM, CDMA)
    8a. Rickshaw with a propeller - Mobile Internet
    9. Transport - All Telecommunication Services
    10. Kilometers - Pay per MB
    11. Feeder - Monopoly

    ACT 1

    The end of the 90s. Beltelecom is the largest representative of the "transport" (9) market of the republic. Engaged in the production of bicycles (1), scooters and other vehicles.

    Announcement: “A new model from Beltelecom - Rickshaw (2)!” The
    buyer finds out the details.
    P: - What is it?
    B: - How what? Personal transport!!!
    - How much is?
    - 50 rubles ... per minute, well, for our carriage 5 rubles ... per minute (3)
    - Expensive
    - What did you want? Advanced import technology!

    The Provider appears.
    Pr: - Do you sell in bulk?
    B: - You need to think about it, okay, take 55 per minute, plus for the stroller, plus taxes
    Pr: - Expensive
    B: - You are a businessman - well advertised, you will sell more. I’m a benefactor, damn it, I give bicycles to people with disabilities (4) cheaply (4a). And I have tens of thousands of orphans (5) in charge - they all want to eat!
    Pr: - Perhaps I will take about a dozen
    B: I still have such with a motor (6), only 3,000,000 per month,
    Pr: - By the way, why do you need so many orphans, let them go somewhere else to feed
    B: - Are you somewhere else like this feeder as I saw?
    Pr: - And why bicycles for all the disabled?
    B: - Go trade, a speculator! Do not bother to work!

    ACT 2

    Several years have passed.
    Announcement: “New offer from Beltelecom - Car (7)!” The

    buyer is interested.

    P: - Tell me more.
    B: - This is the most advanced technology in the West! VAZ-2101 (7a) for only 1 000 000 rubles
    P: - I heard that in the west now they drive Fords (7b), and for less money. Maybe I’ll buy myself a ride?
    B: - Come on, come on. They’ve already gone so smart - they’re now in prison. Here, besides me, no one can do charity work! The law says!
    Buyer leaves sad.

    The Provider immediately appears.
    Ex: - Do you sell cars in bulk?
    B: - Take it, 1,500,000 plus taxes ... Or take Ford for 15,000,000, it's really cool!
    Etc: - ?!
    B: - You can sell spare parts. You’ll give a good advertisement ...
    B: “And don’t try to deliver from me from abroad, well, you yourself know everything.”
    Pr: - Come on two dozen Lada and 1 Ford.

    Announcement: “New offers from the Provider - Cars!
    - VAZ-2101! Like new, painted! A joke overtakes a carpet-plane! Only 1,000,000!
    (understaffed, surcharge for every kilometer)
    - Ford! Almost new, painted, polished! Cosmic speeds! For the wealthy - for 9.9 million!
    (understaffed, without engine, payment of 1000 rubles per kilometer)
    - New Rickshaw! Carries free at night - for food!
    (100 rubles per km) ”The

    bespectacled buyer is trying to find out details from the Provider.

    P: - What the hell am I supposed to ride a Rickshaw at night? I sleep at night.
    Pr: - Oh, you village! At night everyone drives! Who is on the case, but mostly on the hot (*) places!
    - And if I buy a Lada, why pay for kilometers (10)?
    - Everyone pays!
    - And they don’t pay abroad.
    - So go abroad!
    - And if I collect on Ford, how can I go without an engine?
    - We will disperse you for a small fee - how to disperse your ears!
    - And then?
    - Then again we’ll accelerate to maximum speed!
    - I.e. payment for mileage?
    - (quietly) Yes, go already, anyway you have no money.

    The buyer leaves, thinking: “This is somehow wrong. I pay for a Rickshaw or a Car 100 times more expensive than they cost. ”
    Beltelecom's representative quietly creeps up behind him.

    B: - What do you want to offend orphans !?
    P: - No, what are you! But you and the Providers are paying you, and I, and even Aviation (9)!
    B: - Who told you such a heresy, Aviation on self-financing!
    P: - Aviators, for each flight, unfasten you for 100 rubles, 1000 for the international, and they also buy rickshaws (they learned how to screw propellers) (8a).
    B: - That’s all nonsense! I help disabled people! I feed the orphans!

    ACT 3

    Nowadays. Already the Nth year, rumors have been circulating that a feeding trough will be taken from Beltelecom (11).

    “A new offer from Beltelecom - Ford for 150,000 rubles!”
    “We feed more than 25,000 orphans !!”
    “We help people with disabilities!”
    “99% of people with disabilities with our bikes!”

    Instantly, a provider appears in Beltelecom’s office.
    Pr: - I take all the Fords for 150,000!
    B: - No, this is only for the Buyer. He was so sad last time. For you, 1 200 000. After six months, I will give a discount of 15%. Only you tell everyone how I help people with disabilities, Cars because of the distant lands I get expensive, by the way, for the currency!
    Pr: - Is it true that they are going to take the feeder from you?
    B: - You still can’t wait for her! Bye!

    The buyer rides a Ford 1998 onwards, satisfied argues: “And next year, maybe Mercedes will be sold at that price!” Or maybe cheaper - as abroad! And the Provider, redneck, could sell cheaper! He doesn’t need to feed the orphans! ”


    Why did I write this?
    1. Now there are articles that after the sale of the feeder will not get better, but rather, it may become worse.
    2. Show that cross-subsidization is just a cover for Orphans.

    I do not work for any of the providers.
    None of the characters are considered bad or good. Just have a system that rolls by inertia, and from any changes trying to find a "excuse."

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