A little bit about game startups or a question about Ignostro

    I categorically welcome you!
    I wanted to discuss the situation on the “market” of game portals, and in particular, the fate of one once promising project that was unknown to me (sorry, if I had a bad Google). So let's get started. Recently, there has been a boom in startups. that is remarkable, game resources among this boom somehow were not too strongly marked. Many, excuse me for the simplicity of speech, pr ..., having not had time to get to MBT, some twenty times a day changed investors and sponsors, though they didn’t get any better, because apparently “but” crept up from an unexpected side, i.e. side of the "brain of the project" (he, if briefly and concisely - the head).


    Now I’m observing the following situation, not to say that it’s pleasing: there are somehow few full-fledged social resources (not mowing or stupidly rewriting standard forum engines for the needs of ratings, comments and other pseudo-social whitewash). Two come to mind. I consider both good in concepts, average in implementation and impudent (in a good way) in the field of self-PR. Here, say, Gamer.ru - the idea turned out to be so warmly received by the players (although it copy-paste Western analogues and borrow ideas from some domestic portals) that the developers seemed to have stopped in development. No, do not think, of course, not yourself, but in the development of your own achievements, but the fault of everything, it seems to me, is a tempting abyss called a freebie. If you speak the Internet language, then "user content". The idea evolved so fast that the creators took holidays and went to warmer climes for a vacation (I just don’t know anything about the income or leisure of these guys), leaving the programmers a simple task on the sticker, supposedly, to finish the jewelry work, to polish the dizu and dviglo. But there you need to work a little more with a file and a plane, and not under dviglo and design, but in mechanics and balance ...
    There is another representative, in the person of Kanobu, who, on the contrary, is constantly trying to change something, and he is trying so hard and selflessly that sometimes makes Gamer.ru worse. With good content and attention to users (the same kanubovosti), the usability of the interface is absolutely at zero, but accessibility and obviousness, with extensive functionality, is one of the key rules of a project built on Web 2.0 concepts (see. Habrahabr).
    I don’t even want to talk much about the attempts of classical resources to enter the new century. AG 2.0, which no longer resembles just a gray coffin, but a gray coffin with a bunch of buttons, switches and toggle switches. NEW gambling addiction, which made an elaborate, but confusing and impoverished informational site from a simple site

    And against this background, it arose, unexpectedly as a crisis and sharply as a pa ... os, Igrostnostra. And by the time of the statements about the project, it was clearly said that the development had already been going on for some time, so it had been a year and a half already, now we’ll go a little more and take the third one, and the project is still standing. Why do those who have experience in a number of successful 2.0th resources suddenly wrap up their work and watch how newcomers pick up a niche while acquiring valuable experience ... Anyway, what is happening with the resource now? Is he just standing on a paid hosting or is he still trying somewhere?

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