Android OS celebrates 1 year: 50 Android OS phones

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    It was somehow imperceptible on Habr that the Android platform celebrated its first birthday yesterday - on October 22, 2008, the first Android OS-based phone was released - HTC Dream T-Mobile G1
    . On August 21, I posted a post here , talking about 26 planned phone on Google Android OS. Despite the fact that only 2 months have passed since then, during this time about the same number of phones were announced. Also, the list was replenished with other devices based on the same OS- about them in the next post.
    It seems that recently, Android OS has become the standard for modern smartphones with touch controls and not only ...
    Yet Windows Mobile, even version 6.5, can’t do without a stylus anyway, and Iphone OS is installed only on the iPhone.
    I allow myself to publish a new, expanded list for Android's birthday. There is plenty to choose from!
    The original list is taken here , I supplemented it with images of phones and links to their descriptions.
    Attention: Under a cat there are LOTS of pictures.

    No.TitleRelease datePhoto and link
    1Acer Liquid - A1 November 28 acer_liquid
    2Compulab exedaAlready
    3Dell Ophone mini3i - Benzinemini_3i
    4Geek Phone OneAlreadygeeks_phone_1_r2
    5General Mobile DSTL1
    6Haier h7Haier h7
    7Hkc pearlAlready
    8HighScreen PP5420Already
    9HTC Click - Fiesta - TattooAlready
    10HTC Desire 6200 NovemberVerizon Wireless-HTC Desire-Sense UI
    elevenHTC Dragon - Zoom 2 htc_dragon_003
    12HTC Dream - T-Mobile G1Alreadyg1 1 Comparative review of Android smartphones: HTC Dream, HTC Magic and HTC Hero
    thirteenHTC Hero - G2 TouchAlreadyhtc hero 2 205x300 HTC Hero 14 photos
    14HTC Lancaster canceled???htc_lancaster
    fifteenHTC Magic - Sapphire - T-Mobile myTouch 3G - Google Ion - Dopod A6188
    16HTC Passion htc passion HTC Passion Android version of HTC Whitestone?
    17HTC Predator - HTC Desire  Have not found
    18Huawei U8220 - T-Mobile Pulse
    19Huawei U8230 huawei-8230
    20Innocomm skate skate
    21Kogan agora delayedkogan-agora-pro-1
    22Koolu Freerunner - Openmoko GTA02
    23Lenovo O1 Ophone Lenovo Ophone O1
    24LG Etna
    25LG GW620 Eve November 2009 didn't find
    26LG GW880
    27Motorola calgary Motorola calgary
    28Motorola devour ???
    29thMotorola Droid - Sholes - Tao November 7th  Smartphone Motorola Droid is made in the form factor "side slider".
    thirtyMotorola heron motorola-heron
    31Motorola MB200 ???
    32Motorola MB300 ???
    33Motorola Morrison - Cliq - DEXTalready
    34Motorola motis 2010 ????
    35Highscreen Zeus2010 Highscreen Zeus - Vobis Computer - GPS, Glonass Navigators, Communicators
    36Motorola Zeppelin 2010
    37Philips V808
    38Qigi i6QiGi i6
    39Samsung Behold 2 T939 November 18th Samsung Behold II SGH-t939.  The official announcement of the new Android-communicator.
    40Samsung Bigfoot Samsung Bigfoot (T-Mobile G1 v2)
    41Samsung Galaxy i7500samsung-i7500-01s
    42Samsung Galaxy Lite i5700 - Spica 2010
    43Samsung Houdini New Samsung Houdini Photos
    44Samsung m850 Q samsung_dash_sph_m850
    45Samsung Moment - InstinctQ m900 Nov. 1 
    46Sciphone n12
    47Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 / x10 Rachael January 2010 Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 Rachael.  New details about the communicator.
    48Sunno s880SUNNO S880
    49Tiger G3   (Chinese Hero Clone)Tiger g3
    fiftyZTE Android

    The link below is a comparative table of specifications for some of these phones:

    Also popular now: