Habrafootballs. Expensive. Now Available

    Hey. Finally we made them! The first trial batch of habrafootball is ready and waiting for its owners.

    Habrafootballs in the Smart-Masses.Ru storeTTX:
    - good fabric, durable seams;
    - colors: black, white;
    - sizes: unisex M and L;
    - several options for inscriptions (each accompanied by the Habr logo on the back): “Habr is not the same”, “UFO flew in and left this inscription here”, “I don't care about karma”, “Dam invite to Habr” and just a logo :)
    - method drawing a picture and text: flex; withstands washing without problems and unpleasant consequences;
    - cost: 1190 rubles 890 rubles.

    Since many people like to consider other people's (in particular ours) money and consider it their duty to accuse us of unjustified overpricing, I deleted the original text of this topic. The concept is changing.

    T-shirts only 40 pieces. This limited edition is specially designed for those who can and want to pay 1,190 rubles and 890 rubles to become one of the forty-only owners of such shirts. Most likely, there will be no other such t-shirts.

    So if you like at least one of the five different hubfootballs, you are ready to give less than 900 pe for it and you do not care who and how will share this money - make an order on the website of the Smart-Masses.Ru online store. We will be very happy.

    We advise the rest to draw their own mock-ups and use the services of any company producing t-shirts on order from 150 rubles. Cheap and cheerful.

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