Firefox vs Login

    Good Friday, dear.

    I appeal to you for help.

    The fact is that some time ago, warmly my favorite Mozilla was updated, and began to scoff at me, changing the case of the first letter in my login in some text boxes on some sites. At first, I did not pay attention to it, because most of them are case-insensitive. But after some time I realized that more and more I use IE to enter where I am not allowed with my small letter k. Rummaging through the settings, I did not find anything worthwhile to solve my problem.

    In general, the question arose and you are my last hope. I really don’t want to leave the warm side of my fox and then sadly work in Chrome or Opera, because I really don’t digest IE, but if you can’t advise me anything in this situation, then I will have no choice.

    Please help me, because I know that during the capture of the world by Skynet, Mozilla will still be for me.

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