It is already here

    imageAfter reading posts about the dreams of people from the distant 20th century, I found the beautiful.
    Quote: “... Video telephones will appear on the lines, allowing you to see the person you are talking to during a conversation. And such devices already exist ... ”
    L. V. Kokosov,“ The future begins today ”, Children's Encyclopedia, 5th volume, signed in print in 1960.

    image“A counting machine, a hearing aid, and a television operating on electronic tubes are very bulky. See how little space is occupied by the same devices assembled on semiconductors: a calculating machine has become no more than a desk, a hearing aid has hidden in ordinary glasses, a TV can be hung on a wall like a picture. And a semiconductor radio transmitter the size of ... with a pill helps doctors examine the human digestive tract. ”
    K. A. Gladkov, “Semiconductors in engineering”, Children's Encyclopedia, 5th volume, signed in print in 1960.
    PS These are just quotes, and I have nothing to do with a counting machine the size of a desk :)
    PPS I don’t know the artist who painted these beautiful illustrations, so I put the name of the main artist: A. I. Gangalyuk.
    Absolutely PS Wonderful ten volumes. It was he who in childhood made me learn the world not only with a screwdriver and a hammer :)

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