An attempt to make the state web more beautiful or three guestders in three weeks ...

    This is far from the first and, of course, not the last friendship of our studio with the resource and generally with government customers. Sometimes we are friends with them successfully, sometimes not.

    One way or another, the presence, in the list of developers of government resources, professional web teams is still a rarity.

    From the last thing that was done, I really respect the projects of the Gorbunov bureau - for the flag and constitution of the Russian Federation, but most often, in the development of state web-site, at the output I see irresponsible projects that poorly correspond to the relation “price = volume of work = quality of execution”. Projects such as the new site of the Russian Pension Fund for almost 3 million, where at least the new Toyota Prado should be buried as part of the estimated work :), in addition to the site, for the purposes of its technical support it is visible.
    The past calendar month, marked by a numerological event 09/09/09, thoroughly shook my IT psyche.

    At the entrance:

    • Three tenders, one of which is with a pledge application with a traditional 2% of the quotation.
    • The publication on , of course, with a delay) => over short deadlines for preparation
    • Serious experience is behind me and the desire to win in at least one of the three.

    The process of tearing the psyche:

    Tender No. 1

    A small remark in the footer in barely noticeable font, on one of the 164 pages of the tender documentation, stating that all deadlines indicated in the work schedule should be “-30 days” from the deadlines indicated in the tender information card, crossed out all efforts to prepare multi-kilogram application.

    Verdict - mismatch of the tender application deadlines.
    What can be done - nothing ... As they say - to so sad ...

    Tender No. 2

    The presence of the delivered DHL package on time at the specified address, tracking of the air waybill confirming this, a personalized signature of the department employees on confirmation of receipt with a specific date and time, not a feat of the tender organizers to open the application for consideration. She was "accidentally" not brought to the commission for opening envelopes directly violating the law "On placing orders" 94-FZ ".

    As a result, the application is not in the list of applicants ... and welcome to the FAS Russia (I had to send the complaint twice) :-)

    Tender No. 3

    An excellent project, except for one but ... a prerequisite for creating a system to use 5php, postgreSQL, etc. (well, there’s no problem with that) and ... have a license for a box called "DIRECTION OF THE PORT", and for some reason do it only on it.

    I also understand when the question is in support of an existing resource working on some kind of box, but when absolutely zero development is immediately tied to an incomprehensible CMS, this is very strange.

    Someone heard something about such a CCM? And why only need to write projects on it? Another violation of the law "On placing orders" 94-FZ ".

    In the application, we proposed using the Symfony Framework for the project, which, provided that all the requirements of the ToR were fully met, and even with a slide, offered improvements.

    The verdict is the discrepancy between the tender documentation and the information that the applied and proposed technologies are a cut above a slurred box and the declared price is more competitive.

    Who is the winner? With 100% of the possible maximum quote price, the tender is selected by the NAPRAVLENIE.RU company - all the rest go by the forest.

    They did not have time to file a complaint with the FAS for their own reasons - they were distracted by other projects.

    In the dry residue:

    • 200 K pulled out of the studio for 6.5 weeks
    • The return of the pledge 3 weeks later than the statutory 5 working days from the date the winner is determined;
    • 2 complaints to the FAS
    • 1 contest was declared invalid
    • Khrenova cloud of telephone bills - well, a lot
    • 5 DHL shipments each on average 3-4 kilos = 15 K rubles
    • PHOT for the preparation of documentation
    • A bunch of personal time - 24 \ 7
    • The psychological state of the staff involved in the training - priceless

    Is it possible to win? Yes, it is possible, but subject to:

    • You have a really good application and you bite into every line of delusional one-hundred-two-page competitive documents that often come across violations of the procurement law, without missing any remarks in the footers that affect the vital indicators of your application, and printed with a size of 7-8 and pale gray font
    • You are lucky and the tender is not retractable (this happens :-))
    • You have incredible psychological resilience to bureaucratic fuss
    • The desire to frankly chop in every instance and really do it
    • Well, of course, the ability to do what is the subject of all this fuss.

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