Neoline, Life :) and paid calls

    A few minutes ago SMS comes from brother number 359 , the approximate content is:

    Ilya, we are very interested in your resume. Call the personnel department by number 359 from your mobile on weekdays until 18-00

    Well, not bestiality !? a call, by the way, costs 10UAH / min. apparently nobody just calls there, and they’re trying to increase the amount of “incoming traffic”: /

    Life’s support didn’t want to respond to the complaint, they said they should contact the freak support service sending these messages.

    Tell me where to go, who should complain about such attempts to “heat up” a subscriber for money? To write a complaint at the nearest service center and hope that the freaks will be covered with a shop at least within the limits of one OPPS? Contact a consumer protection society? Can there be specialized supervisory authorities?

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