MFcast # 17. Steel smartphone Nokia Erdos, Samsung S5230 with WiFi, a phone with Windows XP ...

    ... Opera Mini 5 beta, a gigahertz HTC Leo and many, many more interesting things (for example, the crazy head of Microsoft at the sight of the iPhone) in a very rich release of the MFcast podcast. Sit back and click on play, you have an hour to dive into the fascinating world of mobile technology and even curiosities! :)

    Themes of release:

    - Nokia Erdos smartphone from a single piece of stainless steel

    - Samsung Star S5230W: now with Wi-Fi - Pre-order ITG xpPhone available , the first mobile phone based on full Windows XP - MegaFon launches Lenovo branded netbook with 3G modem - Archos Phone Tablet : the first phone from the French manufacturer of multimedia players - Samsung Omnia smartphones are switching to WM 6.5 , and Palm from Windows Mobile generally refuses - “Live” photos of HTC Leo (Windows Mobile 6.5, 1 GHz processor, 4.3-inch capacitive multi-touch screen) - Announcement

    and a review of the beta version of Opera Mini 5 - Apple iPhone 3GS: for 35-40 thousand officially in Russia ?! - Steve Ballmer took the iPhone from his subordinate and almost crushed him (the phone)! - iTwinge : the first physical keyboard for the iPhone - How Kenyan bicycle taxis charge their mobile phones Subscribe to MFcast: RSS

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