Why I do not like Apple

    Here you need to feel the fine line between “apple” and “apple products”. I love Apple products, I believe that the iPhone is one of the best phones, and the iPod is the best player. But company policy is just awful. You can talk a lot about it, but here are two main factors that push me away from Apple.

    1. Closure. I consider it obvious that open platforms and free software are a necessary stage in the evolution of both technology and society as a whole. Apple is as closed as possible. Own computers, own systems, own rules. Well, let’s release the phone, give the SDK, give a convenient online store, thanks! Only now there is no need to dictate which programs can be installed on my phone and which cannot. Don't want to sell unwanted programs through your store? No problem! Give only the normal way to install programs bypassing the store!

    Well, to hell with you, we will find the way ourselves. In, found! Jailbreak will have to do! Well, we don’t take apart or break anything. Oops! Now it turns out we have lost the guarantee!

    Is something not working in the new OS X update? You have only one way out - wait for the next.

    Imagine that one day you bought yourself a great, beautiful, expensive car. Everything is cool, only a couple of nuances. You cannot disassemble / repair / modify. Want to put a custom radio? God forbid you judge, only the guarantee for the car disappears. Want to grab some cool leather seats and transfer them to your old Honda? Even God will not forgive you such a thing, this is already a violation of the law!

    2. I have a feeling that Apple’s tactic is to produce good products and devices with low capabilities. Two years after the release of the iPhone, which then had a web browser, a revolutionary interface, youtube and other goodies, finally add copy & paste to the next version of the firmware. Release the phone and player, which are handheld computers, but prohibit installing programs on them, and then, eventually, open the store, finally ... Release the operating system and update it with updates. Here and there I hear outraged exclamations of users updated to the latest version of Snow Leopard: it fell off, it does not work. And what remains is that? .. That's right, wait for the update. Either from software developers or from OS developers. If you recall the comparison with the car, then the situation comes to mind,

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