Quick Config - a program for quickly changing presets

    Having become the owner of the laptop I felt all the charms of mobility. It has become easier to work, there is no need to carry projects on a flash drive, set up the environment on a home and work machine one to one. There was an opportunity to take work with you on vacation.

    But at the same time, a new need appeared - to change the network connection settings, proxy settings in browsers, fumble folders, close balls, depending on the connection location and current tasks.

    Having tried a lot of ready-made programs, I decided to write my own, which will fully satisfy my current and future requests.

    This is how Quick Config came about.

    The current version of the program suggests changing the following settings:


    - Network connections TCP \ IP parameters (IP address, mask, gateway, DNS server address), changing the connection status
    - Changing the computer name, inclusion in a domain or workgroup
    - Connecting, disconnecting network drives, assigning a drive letter, connecting using user details
    - Permission, prohibition of local resources, separation of access rights
    - Change the contents of the hosts file
    - Change network routes, add permanent routes

    - Change the volume level of the sound, change the current sound scheme
    - The default printer destination
    is Start, Stop, Restart Selected Services,

    - Internet Explorer changing the properties of the connection, the home page
    - Fire Fox changing the properties of the connection, the home page

    - Changing the screen resolution, color quality

    - The purpose of the programs used by default: Internet browser, E-mail client, used by default
    - Launching programs after applying all the settings of the configuration profile

    To start working, you must create configuration profiles. In the profile properties, you must specify the profile name, enable the necessary configuration sections and set their settings. You can assign a combination of hot keys, when pressed, the profile will be activated. Also, to speed up access to the profile, you can create a shortcut for the profile on the desktop.

    Quick config

    The program can apply the settings even when running from under an account with limited rights. For this, the program uses the QCService system service. The service is installed optionally, if there is no need for it, then you can refuse to install it during the installation of the program.

    Quick Config supports skins, support for skins has been made possible thanks to the HTMLayout library . Each topic is a regular html page. Ready-made themes can be found in the Skins folder.

    Program status : Freeware (i.e. for nothing)
    Operating system : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7

    There are two versions of the program - installable and portable:
    Installation distribution
    Portable version

    Additional information:

    Feedback, suggestions, wishes:
    Email support (dog) intelloware.com Reformal.ru
    program page

    This version is not final, it is planned to add modules for:
    - changing the system time (time zone, time synchronization settings )
    - Changes to the connection parameters of the Opera browser
    - Changes to the connection parameters of the Chrome browser
    - Change, add, delete the specified registry keys

    I will be glad to any suggestions and wishes.

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