How Sorbina Telecom Fights Spam

    About a day ago I had a problem, mail stopped leaving through the absolutely standard 25th port. Since the Internet itself worked quite stably, it began to actively cut the host (family mail), and only got enough sleep decided to check, but in general, is there access to the smtp server? It turned out that everything is very interesting. It turns out that as many as three employees of TP Corbina explained to me (I specially called back three times to make sure), the entire network, at least Moscow, has port 25 blocked. Completely and tightly. There is no notification, either by mail, or in your personal account, or via SMS, an information black hole.

    При клике - большая картинка

    By default, the middle level of protection is permanently turned on, which, in general, does not interfere, it does some of its work in the background and is completely invisible. It turns out that Corbina herself switched me to a different level of protection for her firewall, without notifying me. Moreover, the "specialists" of the first line of TP were surprised at my question - "why didn’t they notify?" They say that this is normal.

    Plus, after I set the usual value on this ill-fated page, and after rebooting the VPN, the port did not open for 40 minutes. And only after a series of reboots - everything began to work.

    After a few days, I go under the wing of Beeline Internet (since I spend a lot of money on my mobile - it tastes better there for the same money) - I decided to call and clarify how they are doing.

    Firstly, port 25 is individually blocked on the user's port, read on its lanyard. There are several reasons, a beaten card that floods into the network, trojans on a machine, or you are really a novice spammer.

    Secondly, Beeline TP learns according to a different program than TP Corbina, and they are not connected to each other (if I need to explain in the user's language when calling to TP Corbina - “the mail does not work”, and they answer me the same way - “click Start "And just completely get into a stupor at the word Linux, then in Beeline everything is simpler -" there is no connection on port 25, I checked so-and-so. "That's all I'm talking about the first line of TP, by the way).

    Thirdly, a call from a mobile phone is free for me as a Beeline client, and I spent about 30 minutes talking and quarreling with Corbina, it’s my own fault that there is no city - but it happened. Callback'a no.

    I don’t want to impose anything on anyone - but dear Corbina - it’s impossible to do so. You can’t help but respond to letters written on support @. You can not put on the support of people who print with a speed of ~ 70 characters per minute. You can’t just take and block port 25, without notice. A lot of everything is impossible - but you do it? What for? Unclear.

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