- sms2twitter gateway

    Dear habrachitateli, your modest project on the topic of “sewing sms-wings” is rapidly developing in RuNet twitter: - sms gateway for twitter . In fact, this is the first free SMS gateway for twitter to send (the price is charged only by the mobile operator for sending SMS to a federal number), and the first gateway that allows you to receive tweets in the form of SMS to your mobile in the Russian Federation. Whatever one may do, it’s convenient to subscribe to replays and tweet directories and receive them as they appear on your mobile.

    Many people use twitter from a mobile phone, but not everyone has the ability to use JAVA clients, and SMS support is available on any phone.

    Why not use the standard Twitter gateway
    The standard gateway has a number of disadvantages for Russian users:
    - It can’t send tweets to the phone (for any money)
    - It can’t display long Cyrillic SMS
    - The cost of SMS is defined as SMS sent outside the Russian Federation (costs 4- 6 rubles, depending on the operator)

    How much is the dubious pleasure?
    Post on Twitter for free. Getting messages from Twitter costs money (from 30 kopecks per SMS to unlimited for 480 rubles per month)

    And why should I? I do not use twitter.
    You can use our gateway to receive SMS messages for personal purposes. Want to receive notifications from your server? Register yourself a twitter account, close it for all users except your “server”, register with us and activate the SMS notification service.

    Writing to twitter from the server is very easy, and getting SMS to your phone through our gateway is cheap.

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