ASUS and refund for preinstalled Windows OS

    Today I received a letter from ASUS with the following content:
    Dear Customer,

    We are currently conducting an audit of the work of the ASUS Technical Support Team in Russia and our sales partners in Russia.

    In the process, we found some questions that may have been answered to you not completely correctly.

    In particular, analyzing the answer base, we noticed that your question regarding the possibility of a refund for unused Windows OS MS, which is pre-installed on some ASUS products, may not have been answered in the affirmative.

    We would like to clarify the previous answer given to you. Having such an opportunity for ASUS customers to fulfill all the necessary procedural conditions is an undoubted part of ASUS policy.

    All details of the return procedure itself are available on our official website:

    If you didn’t receive an answer from your previous request that corresponds to our policy described on our official website and this question is still relevant for you contact us please.

    We will offer you the most convenient option for solving this issue.


    And we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Best Regards,
    Service Quality Audit Manager
    ASUS Technology PTE. Limited

    This pleasantly surprised me - after all, I submitted this request a year ago. So I decided to share this information with you.
    By clicking on the link in the letter, you can download documents for this operation, as well as find out how much you will actually be returned for a particular version of Microsoft Windows.

    For those who just want to be up to date, here are extracts from documents:
    How much money will be returned?
    List of license typesRefund Amount
    License Windows Vista OEM (Home basic) Russian version$ 20
    License Windows Vista OEM (Home Premium) Russian version$ 33
    License Windows Vista OEM (Business) English$ 48
    License Windows Vista OEM (Ultimate) English$ 77
    Windows XP Home Edition ULCPC English$ 6

    Terms :
    1. It is possible to request a refund of the cost of the Operating System provided that ASUS products are purchased in Russia. At the same time, the consumer presents: a copy of the invoice indicating the amount paid for the ASUS product, the recovery disk from the delivery, the ASUS product (for removing the COA Certificate of Authenticity Label) and the application form (Appendix 1).
    2. An application is accepted for consideration by an authorized service center when the user submits it no later than seven days after the purchase of ASUS products and only in the country of purchase of the product, subject to the return of the components required for a refund.
    3. A refund application for the Operating System will be rejected under the following conditions:
      a. The user has already registered the installed copy of the software with Microsoft.
      b. Certificate of Authenticity Label (COA) is damaged.
      c. The recovery disc has been opened or its packaging has been compromised.
      d. There are no documents confirming the date of purchase, or seven days have passed since the acquisition of ASUS products.
    4. The user agrees not to use Microsoft Windows subsequently without acquiring the appropriate rights.
    5. ASUS will not provide support / warranty for user-installed software.
    6. ASUS is not responsible for user-installed software and its compatibility with hardware.

    Procedure :
    1. The user needs to contact an authorized ASUS service center and provide the above documents and the device itself to remove the Operating System and the Certificate of Authenticity Label (COA) from it.
    2. After the authorized service center conducts the operation to remove the Operating System and the Certificate of Authenticity Label (COA), the authorized authorized service center reimburses the user for the amount of the pre-installed Operating System

    They probably do it reluctantly , but I still respect companies that after all this time still respond to a user’s request. Yes, and they can return the money for a pre-installed OS.
    I think it’s worth a try :) although the money is not that big for “my” Windows ($ 33). It remains only to find a service center in my city and deal with the item highlighted in bold in the conditions. To be continued…

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