Real-time browser-based MMO game


    The essence of the game is to create and conduct fights-games with different rules (Against all (DM), Team (TDM), etc.). After registering and entering the game, you get a nubship in the form of a Steampunk Airship and you can immediately enter a duel, since training fights hang constantly. For victory over the enemy, the player receives experience of the corresponding type of ship and cash reward - Tokens. Further, you can buy weapons, engines, additional equipment for tokens and put them on your ship or buy a new one. The game also provides for the purchase of game currency Holdings for real money for the purchase of premium ships and equipment, as well as for bets. At the same time, winnings are also obtained in Goldings. Gold can be transferred to other players or exchanged for other electronic money.
    The server engine turned out to be quite flexible and allows you to enter a wide variety of game rules. Also applied physics collisions. The game uses more than 50 aircraft. 20 levels for 3 types of vehicles: airplanes, helicopters, airships. A classic game balance scheme with 3 races is implemented.
    The plane is the fastest, flies only forward but has a strafe, few HP.
    The helicopter is maneuverable, flies more slowly, can fly backward, medium HP.
    The airship - flies slowly, backward, the largest firepower and the largest HP.
    The game implements synchronization by the method of prediction and correction of the delay in the passage of packets on the Internet.
    I would like to hear a “fresh view from the outside” on what needs to be further developed and improved. Bonvirage

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