Yota modem in use

    Answered here questions about the Yota modem. Maybe someone will come in handy.

    difficult to install on poppy?

    No, it’s not difficult: for the poppy you need to download “Iota-Access”, the installation instructions are here .

    how is the speed?

    Depending on the signal strength, the input speed (watching a video from youtube) varies from 2.7 megabits to 8 in the direct line of sight of the BS. Less than 2.7 just does not happen (the modem just does not connect). The outgoing speed (upload pictures to the radical) varies from 70 kilobits (comparable to telephone modems) to 1.2 megabits and very, very much depends on the signal strength (with a BS, the signal is strong, but the return signal from the modem is underestimated in accordance with hygienic norms, so that, therefore, the user does not harm).

    Is the downloaded megabyte count visible, is the counter convenient?
    It’s obvious that

    you buy an uncomfortable gigabyte per month?
    we have only one tariff for dongles currently active: it’s 900 rubles a month for anlim (you can download lope, some people manage to pump out one and a half terabytes per month stably). From October 1, the iota-day tariff will also be available - you pay 100 rubles and they give you an anlim day.

    Regarding the "buy": I personally do not pay because company member.

    not buggy?
    Previously, they were buggy, but after the last firmware in April, I do not observe glitches. Everything works stably. And this firmware is on all sold modems by default.

    where to get and how much?

    You can buy here (at the bottom there is a buy button) orhere . The cost is the same everywhere and amounts to 1990 rubles.

    In general, there are many advantages. Now about the cons: coverage is only in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ufa, will soon appear in Krasnodar and Sochi. So be sure to watch the coverage map . The coverage is now certain, wherever I open the laptop - the network on the street or near the windows is everywhere.

    But! It is worth going into the basement or deep into the premises of some office center, as the signal at first begins to show fewer and fewer sticks, and then it is completely lost. So you have to choose a cafe where to sit with the laptop based on the signal level (but it’s better than looking for a wifi or (oh, God!) Pay for it).

    In fact, any coffee houses, chocolate houses and others like them are suitable - coffee houses with a wide open glass "showcase". While warm - any summer cafe or table near the window.

    Yes, from the pros: there is no roaming fee. Those. the same modem gives unlimited internet both in Moscow time and in St. Petersburg, which is what I use when traveling.

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