Podcast 9 is the fourteenth release. Answers to questions from students

    In the fourteenth issue, Pyotr Didenko and Mikhail Chernomordikov answer questions from listeners who received podcast9 microsoft dot com dog. It turned out a lot :)

    Office 2010 site - www.microsoft.com/office/2010
    @pdidenko plays with HTC Touch Pro 2 - bit.ly/3szyU
    MyPhone service - www.microsoft.com/myphone
    How we work at Microsoft - bit .ly / y6GSd
    How to understand volume licensing - microsoft4you.ru
    NSS browser security research - bit.ly/ixuKB Install
    Windows 7 from a USB flash drive - kip.ru/usb7
    Platform 2010 conference site - msplatforma.ru
    Video about ZuneHD -bit.ly/I1D6M
    Microsoft and Nokia Agreement - bit.ly/PjQuB
    Microsoft and Yahoo Agreement - www.choicevalueinnovation.com
    Bing Flight Status - bit.ly/15UZ0y Airplane
    Video - bit.ly/Z6hsi
    Internet on Airplane - www. gogoinflight.com Startup
    software - ms-start.ru/Programs/BizSpark.aspx
    Our community on VseVTem - kip.ru/p9vv

    Our Twitter account - twitter.com/mixen , twitter.com/pdidenko
    Our podcast address is podcast9.ru
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