MT Browser Switcher - for those who use multiple browsers

    Here I am using Opera. But there are some sites that I prefer to open in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Here comes a link to an event in my google calendar in my email client. If you poke it, the default browser will open, i.e. Opera And I get on Google Google Chrome'om. Therefore, you have to copy the link, launch Google Chrome with your hands, paste it there and open the page. Inconveniently.

    I began to look for something that would help solve the problem. Have not found.

    In a creative impulse he inspired MT Browser Switcher . This small program will allow you to assign different browsers to different sites by default. MT Browser Switcheracts as the default browser for the system. After a request to open a URL (for example, after clicking on a link in a text editor or in your favorite RSS reader), MT Browser Switcher analyzes this URL and selects the desired browser in accordance with the rules you set. If no rules match the URL, then the link simply opens in the browser by default.

    Scheme of work

    To whom it is interesting, details are here:

    I will be grateful for feedback, bug reports or wishes :)

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