MSDNAA and Macintosh

    Recently learned about MSDNAA . I decided that since “any student, post-graduate student, faculty teacher who has a subscription can get his copy of Windows 7 for free,” then you should try. Yes, and Gizmodo painted everything quite positively. I have a Mac here, so I would drive the "seven" in Boot Camp or Virtual box.

    It turned out that our university (Helsinki Metropolia UAS) is participating in the program, so there is an opportunity. In short, I logged in to the special website, added the product to the basket (for € 0.00), agreed to the agreement and clicked Download. I naively believed that it was already Windows, and Downloader.exe downloaded - why do I need it on a Mac? Looked - did not find. It is unclear why it is not possible to immediately download a dmg or iso image. How to be here?

    I'm not very upset - they offer for free and okay, I’ll manage somehow. Now the pirated version is somehow silly to download, because you can do everything legally. But in general, this approach is somewhat incomprehensible - it is designed only for users of "Windows", but for others what to do? And why not say so right away?

    PS: the most ridiculous thing is that you can download Virtual PC for Mac in exactly the same way - using Downloader_for_Virtual_PC_for_Mac_7_0_2.exe. It would seem that.

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