My name is Evernote, and you?


    We have been in Russia for 4 months already, so it is probably time to get to know each other better. Working with the audience, the number of downloads, growth percentages - all this, of course, is interesting, but still I want to know more about specific people who found our service useful. Let's get acquainted! Tell us about yourself and your experience using Evernote by writing to , and we will post the most interesting user profiles on our official blog , with links to your website, blog, LiveJournal or Twitter (whichever you consider appropriate).

    The following is a list of questions that you can follow in your story:

    1. How long have you been using Evernote?
    2. How often do you access the service?
    3. On which platforms do you work with Evernote?
    4. What is your area of ​​activity?
    5. How do you use Evernote at work and beyond?
    6. Can you recall the case when Evernote was especially useful and timely? Maybe some funny case?

    It is best to attach your favorite photograph to this improvised profile so that the story takes on a finished look.

    We are waiting for your letters!

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