Expert show "Runetology" (16) - visiting co-founder of "EZhE" and general director of "Blonde.Ru" Alexander Malyukov

    Guest Interview:
    • Is it possible to monetize HERE?
    • The history of the creation of the first union of Internet activists
    • Exchange of valuable people
    • An offer for energetic young people with understanding
    • What will happen to HERZHE further?
    • Who and how shared the “Blonde”?
    • When will the “Blonde” conquer the Runet?
    Discussed events:
    • Does the crisis recede? raises the price of advertising since autumn
    • Yandex made its "ICQ"
    • A new payment system has appeared in RuNet - Money Mail.Ru
    • LiveJournal, Twitter and Facebook crashed due to attack on one account?
    • "Classmates" change the design
    • What happened to the Literary Site nomination at the last ROTOR?
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