Organization of video broadcasting

    I invite the community to share their experience in the field of video broadcasts.
    It may turn out to create something like a mini manual.
    The scheme is simple: someone asks a question, and the one who knows the answer is to share information. And all this falls into the topic.
    I'll try to start from what I learned from the tips and answers on the forums.

    If I don’t have a server, how can I broadcast video from my webcam?
    - the easiest way is to use the services , or
    - using Moonware webcamXP Pro
    - using VLC: Camera → FireWire → VLC → Lan → VLC amcdm

    How to organize a full broadcast through my server?
    - Based on Adobe: WEB-camera →Adobe Flash Media EncoderAdobe FMS → Adobe Flash application. Min0r
    - Microsoft-based: WEB-camera → Windows Media EncoderWindows Media Services → ASF (WMV) for Microsoft Silverlight or Windows Media Player TMC
    - Microsoft-based: WebCamera / Video file → Expression Encoder → IIS media services / WMS → Flash / Silverlight / Windows Media gaploid
    - Based on Open Source: WEB-camera → Adobe Flash application → Red5 → Adobe Flash application. khromoff
    - Wowza Media Server mykir and xternal
    Price :$ 995 per server, or $ 65 subscription per month. Up to 10 simultaneous connections (for development) - for free.
    - ffserver , camserv , webcam-server JohnMcClane

    Which of the above servers is less loaded system?
    - Flash Media Server 2/3 and Wowza Media Server without any special differences mykir

    How does video broadcast work where picture quality is determined by the user's channel speed?
    - The video is encoded in parallel with different bitrates. In the protocol, as far as I remember, there are commands for switching bitrates on the fly. Accordingly, this is controlled simultaneously by the player and the navy. TMC

    What if several cameras?
    - Based on Red5 .khromoff What

    software can I use to organize a video conference?
    - Adobe Connect
    - Windows Live meeting tikondrus

    What are the channel requirements for video conferencing?

    And what if I want to broadcast a video that is already stored on my computer, with conversion on the fly?
    - VLC , Live555 Media Server or Darwin Streaming Server from Apple. ilya_smelykh
    - Playlists in Windows Media Services. They require converting all files to WMV. Allow very flexible customization of playlists over time. TMC

    How to organize VoIP telephony for technical support from the site?

    What are the hardware solutions for video broadcasting?
    - Tandberg , Polycom , Cisco unconnected

    Which of the web cameras would you recommend when working with low light?
    axis p1311 - photosensitivity 0.7 lux

    Several presentations on this topic. itjobby

    Ask your questions or you can share information about how you organized the broadcast.

    UPD: updated the topic with new answers and prices for server solutions 10.08.2009

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