Lighttpd statistics in cacti

    The lighttpd server has a module mod_status, it displays a little information about the current status of the server. Screw this opportunity to cacti .

    To begin, I will tell you how to screw mod_status.

    Add mod_status to the list of modules:

    server.modules + = (

    and prescribe settings for how to access the page

    status.status-url = "/ server-status"

    now by going to http: // localhost / server-status we will see:


    Now download the script for Cacti from here:

    Unzip it and put it in / usr / local / share / cacti / scripts / file ss_lighttpd_stats.php (for Freebsd)

    Now open cacti, go to Import Templates and import cacti_host_template_webserver_lighttpd.xml

    There should be 4 new templates for graphs:


    Create graphs and watch them =)



    PS you need installed PHP 5 to run the script
    Script page:
    A similar article for

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