Is the MacBook Pro really like this with the display?

    While choosing between the Sony Z-Series and the Macbook Pro 13 or 15 inches, I saw a bunch of arguments pros and cons. Glossy screens confuse me (whatever sectarians say, gloss is evil, we were taught both ophthalmology and occupational health hygiene). Fans claim that gloss is, like, cool for color reproduction. I almost believed it, but here ...

    MacBook Pro (WXGA + LED glossy) / Precision M4400 (WXGA + LED matte)

    Photos from here:

    Is it really so ... figuratively mediocre on MacBook Pro? And why did they leave the matte screen in only 17-inch suitcases? And another question: is the problem of banding on “MacBooks pro” solved? Interested in 13- or 15-inch models.

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