Viva la Work-revolution!

    Worktrack today is three months old, and we finally updated the site design. The project logo has been updated, and the interface has also undergone cosmetic improvements.


    The green cube has finally found its finished appearance in the form of a gear with a clock, which symbolizes work and time.

    It was: logoIt became:logo


    The main page of the site is decorated with a comic that briefly explains to visitors how the worktrack can help them in their work :)
    We divided the menu by placing the main functions (calendar, planning, statistics, magazine) up, and the rest of the links down. In general, the design has become more accurate and more pleasing to the eye.


    The calendar, scheduling, and to-do list are finally connected. When you hover over cells in the calendar , you will see a list of tasks and all events for the given day. In planning, when you click on a date, a form will come out similar to the one on the calendar. A red button will notify you of tasks. Categories that previously not all users could find are now placed to the right of the timeline.

    When designing the interface, we tried to take into account the wishes of users. Therefore, if you have any comments or remarks - write, we will try to take everything into account.

    In our future plans: a mobile version and integration with third-party services (including browser plug-ins).

    UPD: we have a small habraeffect here, but we will soon come back to life

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