Create view, shared hosting and .masterhost

    Today I encountered a very "fascinating" problem on .masterhost .
    It's time to publish the site, create a database, upload a dump. MySQL is there version 5.0.67.
    I opened phpMyAdmin, selected the database, selected the dump file, upload: epic fail ! I look at it, I can’t believe my eyes, I open the console, I execute Error ! I call support, after the third redirect I ask my question, a minute of waiting and the long-awaited answer: “This command is prohibited on shared hosting, specifically for you we cannot enable it. Buy VDS. " After my question, “My tariff plan is Effective , why nothing is written about these restrictions on the site, even in the section
    #1142 - CREATE VIEW command denied to user 'uxxxx'@'' for table 'getSiteRubrics'


    about mysql? ”they answered me“ We cannot specify absolutely all restrictions ”.

    I asked for technical or political reasons, this command is not available? I did not hear a sensible answer.

    Maybe someone knows why .masterhost is so “afraid” of create view ? I am indignant!

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