cogear release 1.0

    Good day, % username% .
    In early summer, the announcement of the cogear site management system was published .

    Engine Features:

    • Powered by CodeIgniter .
    • Modular architecture. Add / remove modules in one click.
    • A wide range of system applications. The distribution provides the opportunity to create a community with multi-user blogs, but thanks to the extensible architecture of the engine's transformation capabilities, there are a great many.
    • Flexible hook system. Allows you to modify any controllers and models without affecting their code.
    • Open source.
    • Internationalization.
    • Automatic loading of classes / models.
    • Optimization of download speed (combining CSS and JavaScript files).
    • Tag caching (works with file system and Memcached).
    • The ability to load styles and scripts for specific browsers (goodbye IE6).
    • Own template engine, which makes it possible to work with PHP-Native.
    • Detailed documentation , including in PDF .

    In the announcement, it was promised to launch the engine in open access for two weeks. On June 16, the official website was launched. Since the system was developed by one person and this was the first experience of this kind of activity, beta testing in a closed circle was not provided.
    It is always nice to learn from your mistakes - the engine went through a beta testing stage in the circle of people who are interested and visiting the site.
    The main bugs were fixed in a short time, after which work began on changing the key components of the engine (core, template engine, etc.). As practice has shown, a lot of bugs creep out on the server, which are difficult to notice when working on the local machine. Overcoming difficulties, he was able to go further than he planned, based on the experience gained.
    Over the past month, all tasks were completed:
    • Rewritten core.
    • The Quicky template engine is replaced by its own, compatible with PHP-Native .
      After this step, the engine began to work correctly under Windows .
    • Implemented many of the ideas that appeared in the process of running the engine on the server.
    • All known bugs fixed.

    The current version 1.0 , which was released today, should be considered stable.
    In order not to repeat everything that has already been said , I will not go into details (there is documentation for this ). Screenshots will tell you everything. I invite everyone to visit the official website of the cogear site management system .

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