"And do not sleep with the system administrator"

    “Make sites, girls. Disposable web pages. Simple, fast, without registration. And don’t have to sleep with the system administrator! ”- this is what the call appears to be posted on the“ Sites of the Day ”on Rambler .

    He made me think about the prevalence of the phenomenon itself: who is this lure oriented at all, are there many girls in the world who, on the one hand, sleep with the sysadmin of their site, and on the other hand, do it out of dislike, but simply such hosting fee?

    I myself know only about one girl who slept with the sysadmin of her site for some time, but it was also out of love, and in general she was crazy about computer networks, and she really turned onsex in the server room, which she even enthusiastically told her closest friends. In short, if she had then been offered to exchange all this for a site builder, then she would certainly, without fail, refuse.

    What cases have you come across?

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