Poken is your new business card


    What do you think,% username%? Trinket? Flash drive? No, this is your electronic business card. This small animal will allow you to exchange the necessary information when meeting new people. Both at seminars and conferences, and at parties and concerts, you can always find a person with this miracle device and exchange contact information with him just by touching the pokens paws.


    This will save you from the need to dictate a new friend a phone or email number, look for new friends on social networks. Poken will always tell you a lot of new things about your friends: what social networks your friends use, how their phone numbers and instant messengers have changed.

    How to do it? Very simple. You just need to get a little wet: put pokeny paws to each other and they will exchange business cards. If everything works out, the legs will blink green.


    And after that, at home you will be able to connect Pokin to your computer and use the doyoupoken.com website to see the contacts of your new friends. To do this, run the file Start_Poken.html on your pokene.

    Each pokin can store up to 64 contacts until they are transferred to the computer and warns the owner about when it is completely full.

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