Artificial satellites of the Iridium system

    I would like to tell you about a phenomenon that many saw, but perhaps could not give him an accurate explanation. Look at the picture. No, this is not an unidentified flying object, this is Iridium.

    Iridium - a system of satellites designed to provide mobile telephone, paging and Internet communications anywhere in the world.

    A bright flash that you can observe for 20-30 seconds is the reflection of sunlight by the antennas of one of the satellites flying over you. The flash is so bright that it can be observed even during the day.
    Since the position of each spacecraft is known with high accuracy, such a flash can be calculated. There are special programs for this, but since they are all only under Windows, I offer you this online service: . We find our location, double-click on the coordinate and click on the link “Calculate flashes for this point”.
    Now you can observe such an amazing phenomenon at least every day and surprise with this beauty, for example, your girlfriend :)

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