The news slipped interesting information about the transition of companies to Windows 7. Statistics are not in favor of the latter. 60% refuse to switch to a new operating system due to the crisis due to lack of time and resources and fear of compatibility with software. 34% will make the transition, but only in a year, when the system passes the test of time.

    Vista was not much better. New Windows sales growth is fading. Microsoft has made itself a serious competitor in the face of Windows XP as the optimal solution for office work. And the most paradoxical thing here is the desire to oust XP from the market at its own expense. And suddenly Google OS appears on the scene.

    I read your comments about Google OS, including not only on the habr, I saw how many do not understand the seriousness of the situation. Consider Google OS a toy on toy netbooks. Meanwhile, the mosaic from Google is gradually starting to take shape.

    Firstly, if you think that you can’t record a DVD-R disc through a browser, perform system diagnostics, edit or encode a video without brakes, then you are mistaken. The Native Client project is ripening on this score .

    Secondly, on the approach of Google Wave. We will see how the seemingly familiar software will be used in a new way: notepad, translator, thebat, icq and much more. You won’t believe it, but even the admin panel of your blog will become unnecessary. You will have a single control center for everything and everything - Google Wave. And photos and files can be simply dragged with the mouse into the browser and write comments with friends. And how much it will bring relief to office workers, in terms of automation of their activities, is not worth saying.

    Google Wave does not need advertising, word of mouth will do its job. Anyone who does not begin to use new technologies will simply lose and remain overboard. However, for compatibility, gateways will be created, for example, smtp / pop3, icq, twitter and jabber.

    What does this mean? And this means that all current desktop software will become obsolete - not compatible for working on your Internet. Haremongers will catch up and release new software adapted to work in browsers. And gradually the line between Windows and Google OS will be erased. Software without complex adaptation will work on both systems. Yes, and casual people on the sidelines will not stay. In JavaScript, what can’t you do now? For example, here is something else from Google

    I think these things will work best on Google OS. Chrome and Firefox will support all the necessary Google technology 100%. Due to netbooks and laptops, they will receive the first army of users. And when more software appears, armies of desktop systems will join them. And it will not be a tribute to fashion, with the new software it will become really more convenient to work and interact with people. To give an analogy, it’s about the transition from Dos to Windows 95.


    But what about the “big games” - one of the important reasons for the popularity of Windows, people ask? Here I am at a loss. Microsoft in this regard has Visual Studio, DirectX and many developments from developers. Whether they can oppose something to Google is unclear. Perhaps now, somewhere out there, an insidious plan is ripening in this direction. And maybe they don’t need it - others will do everything for them.

    "Big games" are starting to spread through Valve-type Steam systems. They remove multiplayer by allowing playing on the network only on official servers, and for this you need to buy a key. As an example, in this direction Blizzard takes steps with its Trying to make services like Quake Live. In general, igrodely begin to experiment. And if you try to experiment, then porting to Linux (read Google OS) is not far away. Do not refuse them more customers when they want to buy Starcraft III through Google OS? And one day, by going on Steam to buy Diablo IV, the system will detect Google OS and return a compatible game to it.

    In 2-3 years, when today's 60% of refuseniks think about where to go with Window XP or Vista, they will have a choice: Google OS or Windows. Which side will the choice be made, given that the software works there and there? A Windows system worth 300 bucks or a free Google OS? As luck would have it, ReactOS and Wine are gradually coming up. If Google will be profitable to finally crush Windows, do you think it will not pour the loot in these good projects?

    My opinion of Windows as a monopoly OS is 5-6 years. Gradually, Google OS will begin to supplant it from the market. Naturally, complete crowding out will not occur, a small percentage will remain. In our post offices, they are still sitting in dos, if that. But its impact on the market will be much less.

    Anonymous Analysts with LOR

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