Followme is our answer to Chamberlain

    My old friend sent a link to the service assembled by his team. At first I thought it looked like Twitter, but there are clearly much more goodies. Personally, it reminds me more of meebo , but I'm not an expert in such services.

    FollowMe is our answer to Chamberlain

    Do you need to remember a link and study
    it in detail in a comfortable environment? Or, for a glass of coffee to quickly
    look through the events that happened with your friends? Or maybe you
    always dreamed of keeping a diary, but was it too lazy to go to sites to
    formalize your thoughts? Do you want one to tell one thing and the other another?

    You can do all this together now with Inlusoft 's Followme service.

    Don't want to register? Not a problem! Read the blog of your friends
    simply by clicking on their link.

    Don't want to use a browser? Send a message to your blog via ICQ!

    On July 7th we begin beta testing our service!

    Try it, and maybe you

    Key features of the service:
    1. Create an infinite number of user groups who can
    or cannot read your microblog.
    2. Assign each group a unique title that will be visible to the
    user if he is a member of this group.
    3. Posting links in the message.
    4. Displaying links in the form in which you would like to teach them:
    in the form of text, image or media stream.
    5. Chat with users who are online.
    6. Sending messages to your microblog via ICQ messenger.
    7. View a list of your own subscribers and easy contact with them.
    8. A simple way to maintain a public blog.

    For new users who would like to quickly master all the
    features of our service, we have prepared a video guide:
    Part I. Start. 4:36 (14.7 Mb).
    Part II Groups. 2:12 (6.75 Mb).
    Part III. Users 4:36 (14.7 Mb).
    Part IV Chat 5:46 (24 Mb).
    Part V. Internet pagers. 2:18 (12.7 Mb).

    All of them are available on the developer's public microblog:

    Use it yourself and invite your friends!
    Leave your feedback, and we will realize your wishes!

    PS The video guide is also available from the main page of the service by clicking on the
    Info button.

    UPD: Rewrote the text, removing links to the same thing. Thanks r3r for the comment.

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