Google Desktop Gadget "Forismatic reader"

    For the past two weeks I’ve been engaged in a project whose essence is to develop an application for the ning social network. Therefore, I had to understand what OpenSocial is. More or less figured out the OpenSocial api, decided to see what possibilities google still gives us. I found what I wanted on the main page of the Habr in a post about google desktop.

    I began to think which gadget to write, and the answer to the question was again found on the main page, all the same habr in the post “Forismatic - an experimental way of communicating with reality” . No, not the quotes gave me the answer to my question, but the service itself, which I really liked. I decided to write “Forismatic reader”.

    I will not describe the process of creating a gadget, as there is already a step-by-step instruction. The task of the gadget is to show a quote with Forismatic and when you click on a quote to show a new one.

    If this gadget is useful to someone and has any wishes, write in the comments, if I have free time I will implement it.

    Download here

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