I am shocked by lawlessness in the hosting center of RBC Ukraine

    In connection with my recent publications about the problems with the domain in the org.ua zone , as well as the behavior of the RBC Ukraine hoster that is incomprehensible to me, an ICQ man knocked on me this morning (and then called) asking me to publish a story that frankly told me to shock . I’m still crucifying about minor misunderstandings in working with hosters, and here it is 0_o

    Next, I quote the text sent to me by a person who identified himself as an employee of the victim.
    This is what hosting companies do after your resource becomes popular.
    Conflict history of the Internet resource infoset.com.ua

    My name is Baubatrina Irina Vladimirovna, I am the owner of the Internet resources network, which are located on the servers of Ukraine Host LLC. I have been using the services of this company for more than four years, and so far I have been pleased with this cooperation.

    However, with this letter I want to draw your attention to the unlawful and incorrect actions of the employees of the organization Ukraine Host LLC, which is part of the Russian company of the RBC Hosting Center.

    06/14/2009 An employee of my organization discovered that my account (infosetcom) on the hc.ua server was blocked, although I did not receive any information about the reasons for the blocking. Immediately I wrote and sent a letter to the technical support service (support@hc.ua)

    Text of the letter:

    I would like to receive an explanation for what reason the account (infosetcom) of the hosting and domain infoset.com.ua were blocked.
    I don’t understand the motivation for blocking, access to the admin panel (c-panel), access to ftp, access to change the domain’s DNS is blocked.
    Explain why you blocked this account (infosetcom)?

    Sincerely, Baubatrina I.V.

    06/15/2009 In order to clarify my rights, as well as the rights and obligations of Ukraine Host LLC in relation to customers, I tried to find on the website of this organization Ukraine Host LLC by e-mail (www.hc.ua) any documents covering mutual relations of the parties on the page (documents) where these documents supposedly should have been (http://hc.ua/documents/index.jsp), they simply are absent, therefore it is not possible to obtain clear, accessible information about the rights and obligations of the parties.

    On a letter sent by my employee on 06/15/2009 with a request to explain the reason for the blocking of my account (infosetcom), there was no reaction from the administration of Ukraine Host LLC for two weeks.

    06/18/2009 I called +38 (044) 593-32-20 indicated on the website of Ukraine Host LLC, as a multi-channel, the girl who called herself an employee of the financial department picked up the phone and informed me that there was a subscriber debt on my account circuit board, as a result of which it was blocked. To my statement that I paid for the hosting and domain name renewal services in a timely manner, which is confirmed by the receipts on payment available to me (attached to this letter), the aforementioned employee simply hung up. Repeated calls to the same number were simply ignored.

    06/19/2009 I called the same number, again with a request to explain the reason for blocking the account. The employee, who introduced himself as the chief administrator Arthur Kuznetsov, said that the account was personally blocked by him, but he could not give me an objective reason for the blocking, and also could not argue his actions in this situation. I informed him that I intend to come to the Ukraine Host office to understand the situation with more competent employees, to which he reacted extremely inadequately, frankly boorishly, expressing rude obscene language, threatening physical violence and extorting money in the amount of 500 UAH , for unblocking an account and access to domain management infoset.com.ua. Specifically, the phrase sounded: "If someone arrives at the company’s office, they will receive pi ... s, along with a recognizance not to leave." Since, in his words,

    06/23/2009 After another call to Ukraine Host LLC, which did not shed light on this situation, I received an SMS message from the free Internet service of the KyivStar company with the following text: “S ... ka, we’ll call you again with your requests account, we will come and give you pi ... s, do you understand me? Or lava and the domain, or them ... I won’t get you. ”
    (spelling and grammar of the original saved)
    After that, I called the same number several times (+38 (044) 593-32-20), but it did not give any results: either there was no competent employee in the workplace, I was asked to call back later, or simply hung up. Despite such extremely incorrect actions of Ukraine Host LLC employees, I managed to convince one girl to write down my contact details with a personal request to this elusive “competent employee” to contact me to clarify this conflict. Naturally, no reaction was followed.

    So, dear leadership of the RBC Hosting Center, I still would like to hear a plausible explanation regarding the incident.
    As a result of the aforementioned events, the Internet resource that belonged to me fell out of the search engine index, it became inaccessible to the target audience (which is almost half a million people a month!), And this is the work of the last five years of my life. Due to the outright arbitrariness of some of your employees, I daily suffer not only material losses, but my professional reputation also suffers.

    You can be sure that I will try so that as many people as possible can learn about the draconian attitude of the RBC Hosting Center, its branches and employees towards customers.

    That's it. From what I was trying to find out, Ukraine-Host LLC was indicated in the domain information as an administrative and technical contact. The person with whom I spoke said that they asked the hoster several times to register the necessary nick-handle in the domain information, but this did not lead to anything.

    I also went to the HC.UA billing panel (they gave me a username / password), there really is information that the account exists but is blocked, there is also information about the payment. I also received many screenshots, scans of the passport and other documents, among which this receipt (upd: or here , otherwise my cover is concussed from the Habraeffect) and this screenshot . The fact that the screenshot is not a fake, I confirm.

    I say right away that I have nothing against RBC Ukraine (there was really a misunderstanding ), I myself am their client and I have no intention of slandering them. I can only bring to the eyes of the public what they sent me and what they told me about, with all the accompanying data, if they can serve as any evidence.

    From other information about the domain that I dig:
    Yandex TIC: 10, The
    number of indexed pages on google: 6 530
    That is, there was definitely a site with a large amount of content.
    You can also see what was saved in the web archive , but there are copies of the pages there only for 2007.

    It seems to me that this cannot be left just like that . What do you think about it?

    upd: The Hub user Auren expressed a desire to give Irina Vladimirovna an invite, for which many thanks to him, otherwise I was already tired of working as a copy copier of comments and at the same time spell checker.

    upd2: badboom is already with us to answer all your questions in the comments.

    upd3: Of course, I have nothing against RBC Ukraine, but now I’m thinking now, transfer my domains from them or they will react adequately ...

    upd4: The official answer of HC.UA

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