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    Greetings friends!
    Inspired by the post “ What is GOOZZY? »

    I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that such a service has existed in RuNet for a long time. And yes, it is open and will not ask you for an invite.
    This service is called Sayter , apparently because it is closely linked to sites. Honestly, I did not stand in line for an invite to GOOZZY, so correct me if I make a mistake in some technical matters. Siter provides a site discussion service: comments, reviews, communication. Unlike Goozzy, commenting takes place on the Discussion Panel, and I like it more.

    Firstly, having a standard "forum" feed of comments, you can always understand the essence of what is happening, and sorting out a bunch of stickers is quite difficult. And if you want to not just grab a couple of phrases from the general stream of thoughts, but really find out what the discussion is about, then you will have to peer at the dates of the messages and look for the next / previous. Although in such a mess there can be no discussion, but just short shouts.

    Secondly, sticking a sticker to a certain letter / point on the screen only as a first approximation seems like an interesting idea, but what if you delve into it? In RuNet there are very few pages on which at the same coordinates there is constant content on any screen in any browser. It turns out that this is such a "pop" little thing that does not bring any benefits.

    And once again I want to return to Saiter. Of course, he has many shortcomings and I even talked to them about their design (such is my design desire to make the Internet more beautiful). And this communication with the developers showed that this is all because of a small interest in the project. Some social ideas from the developers are very cool and will close all the disadvantages, you just need to push the service to the masses.
    Projects seem to have completely different budgets. Siter looks like enthusiastic development, while Goozzy looks like a startup that aims to make money. It resembles a centenary war in software - a functional OpenSource against beautiful ShareWare.

    PS I wanted to put the topic in Crazy IT, but there is not enough karma.

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